Using QR Codes in the FabLab Workflow

Posted by René on July 26, 2015

I supervised this Bachelor’s thesis by Christian Frohn.



FabQR is aimed at solving the issue that many users of FabLabs do not publish their created projects on a regular basis, which is obstructive for the exchange of knowledge and ideas between FabLab users.

Phyisical file sharing with QR codes is introduced into the FabLab workflow for severe improvements.

The implementation of FabQR mainly deals with the lasercutter, although the idea of identifying project files with QR codes could also be applied to other tools and machines.

In the context of the lasercutter these QR codes can additionally be used to create an interactive placing of lasercutting schemes: Users can place and rotate their QR code in reality and the identified cutting schemes will be placed and rotated in the lasercutter software (VisiCut) accordingly.

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