FabLabCon Europe

First European Conference on Personal Fabrication

Posted by René on September 9, 2013

One day after the Mini Makerfaire Kerkrade, we hosted the FabLabCon Europe. It was the first european conference on Personal Fabrication. My idea was to bring the european FabLab community together for some research. Although it was on very short notice, we managed to find 80 participants! I was the main organiser of this conference.

The Keynotes

I invited two great speakers: Enrico Dini and Boris Chichkov. Boris gave a very interesting talk about "3D Nanotechnology and Laser Printing of Nanoparticles and Living Cells". Enrico talked about "3D Printing Houses and on the Moon". Both keynotes were a great motivation for fablab research.

Every participant had to give a short talk that had to consist of 20 slides. We gave 20 seconds per slide, so every talk was exactly 6:40 minutes - the same format that Pecha Kucha uses. Because we did not find a system that supports this kind of presentations, I asked Thomas Oster to write a tool.


I used the presentation tool to create the videos of the talks and added a short intro that I created with Apple Motion. Here are some selected presentations:

Danny Leen - Designing open self-management tools for diabetics in a fab lab
Peter Troxler - Sharing! A Tentative Set of FabML Descriptors
Floris Hoff - 3D Food Printing
Gabriela Avram and Alan T. Ryan - Makers, 3D Printers and co-design
Pieter van der Hijden - Setting up a fab lab in a development country
FabLabCon2013: Maik Jähne - Germany - a country for makerspaces? You can find more information on the official conference homepage.